On-site & Service Maintenance

“Peace of mind is attained not by ignoring problems, but by solving them.”

Raymond Hull

For mission critical repairs and servicing, our team will be deployed on-site for you/organization at your convenience. Whether it is an ad-hoc support, quarterly service or a managed maintenance our team of highly passionate and skill engineers will ensure you peace of mind.

On-site & Service Maintenance

We have tailor-made IT support for all. We work with various clients across multiple industries – from home users, prosumers to medium and large corporate offices, media houses, high street retailers and financial advisors.

We listen to you and your business requirements. Regular weekly support, engineers on demand or simply non-committal on-site support, we can assist you in any way your business needs us to be.

On-site Services

We offer on-site support for you and your business with no annual contracts or maintenance fees. Pay-as-you-go work can be quoted in advance as a fixed price project or performed and billed when undertaken at our hourly rates.

For on-site support, charges are S$120 for the first hour and S$100 for subsequent hours.

  • Network setup
  • Wireless setup
  • Hard drive / SSD replacements
  • RAM upgrades
  • Printer setup
  • OS installation

Service Maintenance

We offer monthly/quarterly or annual support plans of various levels for your business. Customers on our support plans benefit from discounted hourly rates and receive priority attention.

With proactive support, we perform regular remote checks on your systems to ensure smooth operation that doesn’t interfere with your business day to day operation. A dedicated engineer will be allocated to your business to ensure familiarity with your systems.

  • Rapid response times
  • System monitoring
  • Dedicated engineer
  • Remote support
  • Attractive maintenance fees